10 years from now

Where do you want to be 10 years from now?

It’s a cliche we’ve all heard before but I’m coming to believe it’s more relevant than ever.  In a world of quick wins, chasing short term high after short term high I was convinced that maybe the short term high’s would stack up on each other.  And to an extent they do.  But the foundation is wobbly.  While I think it’s great to have short term goals on the way to long term goals, the 10 year long term goal has got to be the foundation of everything.

There are a couple of podcasts on Freedom Fastlane that I have listened to 3 times each now that are pertinent to this topic.

The main one that really resonated with me is titled “Thinking like a big business”.  Basically Ryan Moran states that most people don’t think big enough.  They’re too busy fighting for scraps that they don’t think about the bigger picture, how to be a real game changer.  I felt a little resistance to this in that I have never imagined any of my companies being massive.  To me big companies with lots of staff meant a lot of headaches, a legacy from my families big business, while very successful and ultimately selling for many tens of millions of dollars seemed to be a constant stress and headache.

But Ryan argues that the path of least resistance is actually to go big, simply because nobody else does.  That success is easier when you’re not fighting with the masses in the middle but the few at the top.  There is more stability in being big, you can take the knocks and survive the problems that may crush a smaller company.

For sure when we bought our surfboard cover business it was aimed just to bring in a little bit of cash flow and diversify our income streams but already in 5 months it has become more than that.  I see now that it won’t take that much more work to go from $3000 per month to $20 000 per month.  It’s just a matter of scaling, introducing new product lines, using our existing sales channels and building this thing out.

So in my effort to think on a bigger scale, I’m just going to put it out there.

In 10 years I will be earning 1 million per year in net profit from my businesses and investments.  

As things stand now I have no idea how I’m going to get there but I do know putting a big audacious and somewhat uncomfortable goal out there is half the battle.

Who knows if this blog will still be here in 10 years but how cool would be if it was and I hit the goal!


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