Buy Nothing New – Week 1-2

The first 2 weeks went pretty well!  I did find myself thinking about buying a few things and there was already the need for a few workarounds.

1. My 8 year old daughter had a birthday party to attend.  Normally we would need to purchase a new gift and a card to attend such an event.  Instead we re-gifted a present that my Dad had given them two of (don’t ask) and I had a stash of $1 gift cards I had bought a while back.  However, if we hadn’t of had the cards I would have been happy having her make one from scratch.

2.  I really wanted a new hairdryer.  It’s not a necessity but my old one is…well old, cheap and nasty.  I found the one I wanted and put it on my birthday list but no one bought it for me.  But the universe delivered!  My Mum said “you can have mine it’s too big for me” and low and behold it’s the brand and type I asked for just one model earlier.  Ask the universe and you shall receive!

3. Winter has come and I don’t really have enough jumpers, I found myself wanting to pop out and buy a French Connection beauty I’d tried on a few weeks ago but instead, I have claimed one of my boyfriends woollen wonders.  It’s a bit big but hey it’s fine for a while, and our winters really only last two months on the Gold Coast.

All in all the first 2 weeks have been surprisingly easy.  An interesting by-product is my obsession with getting rid of the stuff I have.  Back in 2010 when my life fell apart, yes that’s going to be a hell of a blog post, I became obsessed with simplifying my life.  I had accumulated so much crap from the 7 bedroom mansion I used to live in and it just didn’t fit my new little 2 bedroom abode.  It took a full year, many skips, and wheely bins to feel like I was getting anywhere, but slowly and surely I got things under control.  Since then I’ve kept things in check but, I haven’t really gone to the next level and buying nothing new for a month has made me want to go there.

My boyfriend jokes that I will probably throw him out because I’ll have nothing left soon.  It’s not quite like that but I do like the mental space that a non cluttered living area provides.  While it’s probably a bit hippy trippy of me I also tend to believe that the extra space allows the space for more good things to come into my life.  I also have secret fantasies of living in a tiny house with 31 possessions which I would probably give a go if I was single and 25.  But realistically – I’m not.

Moving forward school holidays started today and I’m a bit nervous.  We are also going away for 5 days and I always manage to forget things which I subsequently have to buy at our new destination so I’m going to some extra planning to make sure I shouldn’t have the need to buy anything new. I’ve been particularly anal and even devised a packing list.  My 20 year old spontaneous self would be laughing so hard at this little list but it’s going to be my best shot of making it through the next 2 weeks!

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