Buy Nothing New Week 3 & 4

This experiment has proven surprisingly easy.  Clearly I was not as big a consumer as I first thought.

The only real time I have been tempted to buy things is when buying presents for other people.

Oh and the other time was when I misplaced my D&G sunglasses on Magnetic Island. Hard enough to deal with on a tropical island but overnight I had also developed some hideous case of pink eye, in both eyes and I had absolutely no back up.  A full on PMS meltdown ensued (sorry family), but Mummy dearest came to the rescue with a second pair of Gucci knock offs from Thailand.  And then as we were packing our bags to leave my glasses miraculously reappeared!

The purging to stuff has continued too and I am now throwing out 10 things a day which again I plan to do for 30 days.

I’m drawn to minimalism at this time in my life and I do believe having less stuff will allow me to focus on what is important.  Plus I really hate cleaning and I’m told my cleaning time will be slashed. Wohoo!

I also have secret fantasies of an incredibly chic capsule wardrobe that fits in your suitcase and leaves a trail of admirers behind you.  Possible? Probably Not.

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