Buy Nothing New

A couple of years ago I read a blog by a woman with 3 kids who bought nothing new for a year.  She wasn’t a hippy living in a tiny house or on some crusade to change the way people think.  She was just experimenting with herself and I thought it was such a cool concept.  Unfortunately after a year she had someone else take over the blog in a way passing the torch but it was never even close to being a witty or poignant. In fact, it turned into a whiny complain fest so I stopped reading.

I seem to cycle between living simply, decluttering and buying nothing new to concentrating on making money and growth.  Doing both similtaneously is a challenge.  I think it has to do with the mindset that one focuses on growth while the other focuses on constraint.

Well for the next 30 days I am going to challenge my own self beliefs. I am going to buy nothing new (other than stock and other necessities for the business) while focusing on growing the businesses.

I started on June the 4th, while I had planned on starting on the 1st of June my eldest really needed a new pair of athletics shoes ( she got age champ by the way so it was totally worth it).

To be fair I’m not a big consumer by any means.  By the time I turned 30 I found shopping a bore and while I’m not packing all my belongings in one 30L backpack, I do have minimalistic tendencies and I abhor nick naks and clutter.  But I do believe mindless consumerism gets the better of us all at times so my 30 days is designed to keep this in check.  And hey if it goes well I may even push it out to 45 or 60 days.

While I do have one thing in my favour, it’s my birthday this week so if I was dying for something I could ask someone to buy it for me:)  I do have one thing that’s no doubt going to make this journey a little more challenging.  School holidays.  Do this and I’ll buy you a doll, be good and I’ll buy you a bike.  I’m as guilty as any parent.  So we will be focusing firmly on using experiences in our bribery.  Do this and we will take you to your favourite playground, do that and we will take you to the restaurant.

As a side note I spend way too much money on cafe/restaurant coffee and food, but one vice at a time right?

I’m still deciding if I should tell my partner about my experiment. He does tend to roll his eyes at these types of things.  Luckily he’s not a big consumer either so he may not even notice so I think I’m just going to adopt a take it as it comes approach.

So 4 days in and so far so good, although I do find myself coming up with a list of things I would like to get already-maybe I’m a big consumer than I thought! Look out for the update….

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