I have a confession to make…..

I have a confession to make.  It’s Saturday morning and I’ve turned on my computer, why? Do I have any urgent work to do this weekend.  Not really.

Honestly, sometimes I think I work because I’ve got nothing else more compelling to do.  I have 2 kids and a house to look after and 3 businesses but I still work when I shouldn’t.  While many people complain they don’t have enough time I have to admit that 90% of the time I don’t feel particularly rushed for time. Maybe I’m the only one out there feeling like this but maybe not?

I’ve found that while scheduling my google calendar to within an inch of my life may seem productive, in fact scheduling is more useful for determining when I need to step away from the computer…..and the phone.

Years ago I read the 4 hour work week and was totally hooked, I really thought I can do this, I can work 4 hours a week and spend the rest of the time doing ‘whatever I want’.  I set up a time tracked and low and behold I could do it!  I could maintain my business on 4 hours a week.  A couple of weeks later I experimented with working 10 hours a week so I could still work on growing my business and it worked a treat!     And yet, a few weeks later I was back up to 30 hours a week. Because I did not specify what ‘doing whatever I want’ was.

Babes you need to get specific, you’ve mastered all these productivity tools to get the most important tasks done and saving yourself hours every week but what exactly does ‘do whatever I want’ mean to you?

Make it a point to schedule in all the babe activities! Gym, pilates classes, lunches with friends, going to the park with the kids, dinner with your partner, housework time, swimming at the beach, reading a novel.  Even if it’s only 5 hours a week schedule in this non work time and force yourself to step away from the computer.

Specific focused time and the proper systems will get you all the results you need without being a slave to your laptop.




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