Monthly Obsession – Nathan Ladka

I tend to obsess over people, mostly in the entrepreneurial space.  Usually  this obsession is strong for a month or two before I move on to the next person.  So I thought it would cool to share the people I’m obsessed with so you can choose to look them up and obsess too…stalker club anyone! haha

A politer way to say this is that I study people, what makes them successful, what makes them tick, their strategies, what they wear every day, I find all this stuff fascinating.

My recent obsessions this year have been Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, Brian Moran, Mark Cuban and Nathan Ladka.  I’ll start with Nathan because his views on life and business may seem slightly polarizing for some but are completely fascinating to me.  Nathan is the creator of Heyo.

He reads books, writes one page summaries and then re reads these summaries at specified intervals.  Every day for 3 weeks, then once a week for 3 weeks then once a month for 3 months…something like that.   He is a natzi on time so much so that he uses the cooking of his eggs basically as a shower timer and gets out in under 3 minutes so the house won’t burn down!

Let’s just say productivity is of very high importance to him.  He is experimenting with wearing the same type of clothes every day to reduce cognitive load and he spent a fair amount of time drinking 2 cherry cokes per day as a mental trigger to channel his inner Warren Buffet!

As a fellow productivity junkie I found it interesting that he was incorporating a reduction in cognitive overload as did Steve Jobs but I do think it’s something better suited to men than women.  I just can’t see myself wearing black pants and a blue jumper everyday.  Never mind that in general I hate pants!

To be honest the more I listened to him speak in podcast interviews, the more I found him to be a little arrogant and manipulative and it began to be slightly off putting.  His spiel is very rehearsed.  He tells the same success stories of his software users over and over again.  I have no doubt that he has split tested the crap out of these stories to see which ones resonate with listeners and readers.  I actually started to wonder if he knew who he was anymore or if he was beginning to believe his own hype.

You get the sense that he doesn’t really have a life outside of work and that ‘winning’ is really important to him.   So my obsession only lasted a couple of weeks in this case but I have no doubt he will be extremely successful and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him on rich lists in years to come.


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