More Success = More Haters

The more success I have in business the more haters seem to be popping up.  Unlike many of my entrepreneurial friends these haters don’t hide behind fake screen names, they let the world know they hate me loud and proud.  But I have come to realize that this is just the price of success and you know what…..I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks.  Well most of the time anyway.

Today an email was forwarded to me from a competitor explaining that they would not do business with anyone with unethical business practises such as mine.  This is from a person I’ve never met, never done business with and has only been in the industry a couple of years, as opposed to my 17 years in the industry.  If I was that unethical I have no idea how I’ve lasted this long!

As female entrepreneurs we are so susceptible to caring what everyone thinks, looking for approval from people we have never met.  I personally even find myself still looking for approval from my Mum about big business decisions.  I’m a fully grown adult, with 2 kids of my own, I know the answers, but often I seem to be unable to pull the trigger without someone else telling me it’s ok to do so.

For other women it may be their husband, or significant other or even a know-it-all-friend.   Identify who it is for you.  Who do you ask for advice when you really don’t need it?

Even subconsciously  we really need to keep a look out for the self sabotage that creeps in most likely as a result of worrying what everything will think if we do this or that.  We need to remember that for the most part, everyone is too busy caring about themselves to worry about what we are doing.  There will always be haters.  Your success makes their insecurities even more apparent, it’s like you are shining a big light on everything that haven’t been able to achieve.

So, get rid of that desire to be liked by everyone, it doesn’t serve us at all and only serves to stall our development.  Life is too short to be living it for other people.  So put your big girl pants on and make that decision.  Don’t ask anyone’s advice, they don’t need to live with the consequences, you do.  So just do it.

Your success will upset people.  Deal with it or don’t be successful.  There’s really only two choices.  I know which one I’m picking!

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