The Grind

This week has been tough. Some days things just don’t flow.  It feels like you’re wading through quicksand, scraping for tiny wins and basically not getting anywhere.  I’m in one of these funks right now.  Doing all these repetitive tasks over and over and not seeing the results we want.  Trying this, trying that and nothing is sticking.

However, this phase will end.  You just have to grind it out.

There’s been times in my life where I’ve been devastated.  Someone has died, I’ve lost everything a business has gone belly up someone breaks up with you.  You’re miserable and you think it’s impossible for you to ever feel better.  On a lesser scale the ups and downs of entrepreneurship are much the same.

Keep moving.  One foot in front of the other. Sometimes it’s not the big things that create the bigs wins.  It’s consistently doing the little things. I’ll say it again – Consistently.  It’s a grind.  It’s not always meant to be fun.  You can’t be in love with your business and your life all the time, without the lows there would be no highs.

The rut I’m in at the moment is pretty bad, probably the worst in 6 months.  But I have a plan to get out and maybe this will help you too.  For the best results you need to do this in a 1-6 order. Don’t pick and choose the steps you want or it won’t work quite as well.

1. Decluttering/throwing out

We need to make room for good things to come into our lives.  If we are physically cluttered we have no space to receive. Spend an hour doing some physical decluttering every day until things start to turn around. Be ruthless.  Start in your office and empty all of your drawers and on top of your desk into a bag pull out only the essentials and store everything else in another room.  Go back to it in a week and throw out what you definitely don’t need.  Go back to it in a month and you’ll probably be able to throw out even more. Fill your bins with all the crap that’s broken or useless.  Find the biggest bag you can and fill it with stuff for charity.  Then actually drive to the charity shop and drop it off, don’t just throw it in a cupboard or in your car.

2. Tying up loose ends

The universe gives us back what we put out.  If you’re waiting on responses from people, go aheads on projects or direction from people, chances are you haven’t given the same courtesy to others.  I’m very guilty of this.  Go through your email and get to inbox zero.  Give everyone an answer.  RSVP to all the people who are waiting on you. Respond to the texts and the Facebook messages.

3. To Do List

This isn’t your average to do list this is the mother of all to do lists.  Set the timer and spend 30 minutes writing out absolutely everything you have to do from the mundane to the big projects.   Mine often include things like “pull out the weed that’s annoying me at the front door” or “get some more shampoo” as well as big projects like “redesign website”. The first 5 minutes is easy, then it gets harder.  Just write and write.  It doesn’t matter if it seems silly, you really need to get everything out of your head.

4. Pick 5 things

Look at your list and pick 5 things that take under 5 minutes to get done, and do them. Cross them off, then put the list away for another time.

5. Write down 10 things you are grateful for

Big or small doesn’t matter and don’t forget to include why you are grateful for them.

6. Write a page of what you want your life to look like

Or your ideal day or even your goals.  If we don’t know what we are heading towards exactly it’s hard for the universe to give it to us! Print it out and put it somewhere you can refer to it every day.  I keep mine in my phone case but your purse will work just as well.

That’s it, 6 steps.  I’ve done mine so if you’re in a bit of a funk go through these 6 steps and start turning things around!

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